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Each new listing rule provides or is compatible with other listing rules that provide that transactions in ETF shares will occur through each Exchange's specific trading hours and require a minimum.. Listing Requirements of the New York Stock Exchange. - *updated April 1, 2021 -. The listing requirements of the New York Stock Exchange are aimed to attract companies with a well established top tier financial record. The NYSE is the exchange of choice for companies in the financial, manufacturing and natural resource sectors The ETF Rule requires that relying ETFs must remain listed on an Exchange. 2 Each new listing rule greatly simplifies the compliance by relying ETFs with their continued listing standards to remain listed Step 1. Do your research. Make sure you understand how stocks work and keep track of business news to determine which sectors you might want to invest in.. Step 2. Start a list of NYSE-listed stocks you might want to invest in. Most brokerage apps allow you to create watch lists of stocks you choose Key International Listings Information. Choosing the right listing ». The New York Stock Exchange has two sets of listing standards for international companies: domestic standards and worldwide standards. Regardless of which standard is used, an international company must have a minimum share price of $4 at time of listing

NYSE Listings Process & Requirement

  1. Learn more about NYSE ETFs. ETFs combine the trading characteristics of stock with the diversified risk of mutual funds, making them transparent, flexible and cost-efficient products. They allow an investor to buy and sell shares in a single security that represents a fractional ownership interest in a portfolio
  2. Conditions of the New Exchange Rules An ETF must satisfy the following requirements of the new Exchange rule, including among other things: Meeting the requirements of Rule 6c-11 (c) on an initial..
  3. Why list ETFs on Euronext. A dynamic European ETF market A diverse pool of liquidity and investors. Fastest listing process in Europe The fastest listing process in Europe, within 2 to 5 business days. Secure market Excellent market quality and heightened security with strong safeguards, ensuring liquidity and tight spreads

For an issuer to list on NYSE Arca, it must receive NYSE Arca authorization and file a Listing Application and Listing Agreement and other required documents. For an existing NYSE Arca issuer to list additional securities, it must receive NYSE Arca authorization and file a Supplemental Listing Application (SLAP). The NYSE Arca listing application, listing agreement and SLAP can be submitted electronically through Listing Manager, the NYSE's fully integrate The primary listing exchanges for ETFs, the Nasdaq Stock Market LLC (Nasdaq), Cboe BZX Exchange, Inc. (Cboe) and NYSE Arca, Inc. (NYSE Arca), have had generic listing requirements for most index. Basic Listing Standards. At least 500,000 publicly held shares and a market value of at least $3,000,000. At least 800 public beneficial holders if the issuer has at least 500,000 and less than 1,000,000 shares publicly held, or a minimum of 400 public beneficial holders if the issuer has either To get a listing on the NYSE, a corporation needs at least 400 round-lot holders, or stockholders with 100 shares apiece. The company must have at least 1.1 million outstanding shares worth $40..

The ETF Shares generic listing standards found in CBOE Rule 14.11 (l), Nasdaq Rule 5704 and NYSE Rule 5.2-E (j) (8) generally require that: the ETF meets the Exchange's minimum requirement for the number of ETF shares required to be outstanding at the time trading commences on the Exchange (the Exchanges generally consider at least one. All ETP issuers are required to complete and submit an annual affirmation to NYSE Regulation by December 31 to ensure that the Exchange has current information about all ETPs listed on the Exchange. The NYSE Arca Annual Written Affirmation can be submitted electronically through Listing Manager, the NYSE's fully integrated web application. Additional information about Listing Manager such as FAQs and training videos can be found here. If you have questions or concerns about. Have at Least 400 Shareholders. To qualify for NYSE listing, a company must have at least 400 shareholders who own more than 100 shares of stock, have at least 1.1 million shares of publicly. NYSE American has four different listing and public shareholder standards with a number of differing combinations within. As a result, the NYSE American listing requirements offers flexibility to companies operating in different market sectors

well as actively-managed ETFs (Managed Fund Shares) are listed on the Exchange pursuant to NYSE Arca Rules 5.2-E(j)(3) and 8.600-E, respectively, and such securities are eligible for Exchange listing pursuant to Rule 19b-4(e) if they satisfy the generic listing criteria specified in those Exchange rules. The Exchange may file with th NYSE Listing Requirements The New York Stock Exchange (abbreviated as NYSE) is currently the world's most sizable stock exchange, as measured by the market capitalization of its registered companies. In addition to being the world's largest stock exchange, the NYSE is also the oldest stock exchange in the U.S., originating on Wall Street during the financial center's formative years in the 1800's To qualify for listing on the NYSE, a company must have at least 400 shareholders, with at least 1.1 million shares available to the public and a market value of the public shares of at least $40.. NYSE Arca operates a fully electronic communication network and exchange for both stocks, ETF and options. The exchange provides the largest offering of public ETFs. NYSE ARCA listing requirements. NYSE American: NYSE American, formerly known as the American Stock Exchange and later NYSE American, is the NYSE exchange designated for small-cap growth companies. NYSE American listing requirements. IE

See all ETFs tracking the NYSE Composite Index, including the cheapest and the most popular among them. Compare their price, performance, expenses, and more Listing requirements are a set of conditions which a firm must meet before listing a security on one of the organized stock exchanges, such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the Nasdaq, the. NYSE FANG ETF: Mirae Asset has launched its first open ended scheme into international fund through FANG ETF. Checkout the NYSE FANG ETF fund dates, allotment status in detail and invest now Self-Regulatory Organizations; NYSE Arca, Inc.; Order Disapproving a Proposed Rule Change, as Modified by Amendment No. 1, Relating to the Listing and Trading of Shares of the Bitwise Bitcoin ETF Trust Under NYSE Arca Rule 8.201-E . I. INTRODUCTION On January 28, 2019, NYSE Arca, Inc. (NYSE Arca) filed with the Securities an NYSE listing requirements. NYSE ARCA: NYSE Arca operates a fully electronic communication network and exchange for both stocks, ETF and options. The exchange provides the largest offering of public ETFs. NYSE ARCA listing requirements. NYSE America

NYSE in talks with SEC to ease listing The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission initially rejected a proposal to waive certain ongoing listing requirements Mutual fund and ETF. SR-NYSEArca-2017-36: 34-82374: Dec. 21, 2017: Notice of Withdrawal of a Proposed Rule Change, as Modified by Amendment No. 1, to Adopt NYSE Arca Rule 8.900-E to Permit Listing and Trading of Managed Portfolio Shares and to List and Trade Shares of the Royce Pennsylvania ETF, Royce Premier ETF, and Royce Total Return ETF under Proposed NYSE Arca Rule 8.900- However, ETF issuers will be responsible for the construction and maintaining of firewalls to prevent the use and dissemination of material nonpublic information. 11 See CBOE Rule 14.11(i)(4); Nasdaq Rule 5735(b); Commentary .01 to Rule 8.600-E. 4 See CBOE Release, supra note 3, at 16. 1 0 obj NYSE Arca Continued Listing Standards FAQ. 2020 Listed ETP Compliance Guidance Letter, NYSE. NYSE MKT Listing Standards And Requirements- Once listed, a company must meet continued listing standards. In order to apply for listing on NYSE MKT, a company must complete and submit a listing application including specified documents and information. The NYSE MKT has 4 standards available standards that could be met to qualify for a listing

Our extensive knowledge of local requirements, relationships with local service providers and comprehensive language capabilities make this process much easier, faster and more cost-effective. Due to growing investor demand, ETF structures are continually expanding with multiple sub-fund launches occurring on a regular basis NYSE Arca, Inc. and BATS BZX Exchange, Inc. (each, an Exchange) separately received U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approval on July 22, 2016 to adopt generic listing standards for. SEC Considers Active ETF Listing Standards, Approves Paired Class ETP. March 19, 2015. Although the proposed listing standards could significantly reduce regulatory barriers, commissioner dissent in exchange-traded product order underscores regulatory concerns about novel products. Two recent developments could have significant consequences for. NYSE. Diversified High Income Index -. ETF. Tracker. The index measures the performance of a diversified basket of 138 publicly-traded securities that historically pay significant dividends or distributions. The Index methodology incorporates minimum free float market capitalization, as well as dividend yield, liquidity and asset class and.

  1. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) ETF is the acronym for an innovative financial product known as Exchange Traded Fund. It is an open-ended investment fund listed and traded on a stock exchange. ETF combines the features of an Index fund and a stock. The liquidity of an ETF reflects the liquidity of the underlying basket of shares
  2. TSX - Industrial & Technology Companies Listing Requirements. Note: (1) an applicant will be exempt from the sponsorship requirements if they have (a) net tangible assets of $7,500,000; (b) pre-tax income of at least $300,000; and (c) pre-tax cash flow of $700,000 in the fiscal year immediately preceding the filing of the listing application.
  3. SEC Approves New ETF Listing Rules of Cboe The firm expects the NYSE Arca will obtain similar can list ETFs that meet the Rule 6c-11 requirements without having to first obtain.
  4. Listing requirements vary from one exchange to the next. For example, on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), if a security's price closed below $1.00 for 30 consecutive trading days, that exchange.
  5. istic trading technology. Our data, technology and expertise help today's leaders and tomorrow's.

SEC Approves New ETF Listing Rules for Nasdaq, Cboe and

27.3402 CHF. The Lyxor NYSE Arca Gold BUGS (DR) UCITS ETF is a UCITS compliant exchange traded fund that aims to track the benchmark index NYSE Arca Gold BUGS TR. The NYSE Arca Gold BUGS NTR Index ('HUINTR') is composed of gold-mining companies. The index provides exposure to short-term movements in the price of gold by including companies that. U.S. regulators are advancing rules this week to tighten standards on the ballooning exchange-traded fund industry over the objections of asset managers including BlackRock Inc <BLK.N> and Invesco.

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Three Rejections for the Beloved Bitcoin ETF. The SEC continues to reject Bitcoin ETF applications, even ones filed by large exchanges such as NYSE Arca that has more than 8,000 U.S. listed securities. In a 26-page rejection order, the SEC cites that the NYSE Arca did not meet the listing requirements for the ProShares Bitcoin ETF See Katy Burne, NYSE Sees Progress in Push for Faster Active ETF Listings, The Wall Street Journal (Mar. 9, 2015), available here (sub. req'd).. Under Rule 8.600(c)(1), and for the purposes of this LawFlash, the term Managed Fund Share refers to shares issued by an actively managed open-end investment company (i.e., an active ETF). Renaissance IPO ETF (IPO) Issuer: Renaissance Capital. Expense Ratio: 0.12%. Inception Date: October 14, 2013. IPO tracks the newest listings on the U.S. markets. It adds IPOs within 90 days of listing and keeps them for two years. The largest IPOs can be added within a week of listing Continued Listing Standards. After the initial listing, if a stock's average closing price over any 30 consecutive trading days falls below $1, the stock is subject to delisting from the NYSE Pursuant to Commentary .01 to NYSE Arca Rule 8.600-E, all statements or representations made in the filing regarding (a) the description of the portfolio or reference asset, (b) limitations on portfolio holdings or reference assets, or (c) the applicability of Exchange listing rules specified in the filing shall constitute continued listing requirements for listing the Shares on the Exchange

New Listing Rules Adopted for ETFs Relying on Rule 6c-11

IF Primary listing of ETF is at one of the following exchanges: London Stock Exchange, NYSE Euronext, NASDAQ OMX, Frankfurt Stock Exchange or Irish stock exchange IF The investment strategy of the fund is to track the performance of the index which consist of at least 10 assets of the same of security/commodities type (excluding inverse and multiplied tracking New listings on Wealthsimple Trade. SINGULAR GENOMICS SYSTEMS, INC. ZIPRECRUITER, INC. AVEANNA HEALTHCARE HOLDINGS INC. FTC SOLAR, INC. TREACE MEDICAL CONCEPTS, INC. RECURSION PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. ALKAMI TECHNOLOGY, INC. We're not recommending or suggesting that you buy these or any other security, and you should always do your research to. Khiron Life Sciences Added to NYSE-Listed The Cannabis ETF. TORONTO, July 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ - Khiron Life Sciences Corp. (Khiron or the Company) (TSXV: KHRN), (OTCQB: KHRNF), (Frankfurt: A2JMZC), an integrated cannabis company with core operations in Latin America, announced today that it has been added to The Cannabis ETF (NYSE: THCX. Defined Outcome Listing Fee. Annual Listing Fees for series of ETPs that are designed to provide a particular set of returns over a specified outcome period based on the performance of an underlying instrument during the ETP's outcome period will be capped at $16,000 per year. List on Cboe

Listing Requirements of the New York Stock Exchange

  1. Any requirements for listing as specified in each Exchange's preexisting generic listing requirements that differ from the requirements of the respective new listing rule will no longer be applicable to a relying ETF. Thus, an index-based relying ETF, if it transitions to a new listing rule, will no longer have to monitor the liquidity of th
  2. 28.05.2021 - Prime Impact Acquisition I (NYSE: PIAI, the Company) announced today that it has regained compliance with Section 802.01E of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Listed.
  3. imum share price requirement. The Company's common stock will continue to be listed and trade on the NYSE during this period, subject to the Company's compliance with other NYSE continued listing requirements
  4. Squarespace files to go public through direct listing on NYSE. Website-hosting service Squarespace Inc. publicly confirmed its plans to go public through a direct listing. Squarespace spelled out its plans in a filing Friday in which it also disclosed details of its finances, including 28 per cent growth in revenue last year
  5. AMEX - American Stock Exchange Stock Prices & Quotes, Charts, News & A to Z Company Listings from the third largest stock exchange in the U
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Get the latest Invesco S&P Global Water Index ETF (CGW) real-time quote, historical performance, charts, and other financial information to help you make more informed trading and investment. Kingswood Acquisition (NYSE:KWAC) has received notification from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) that the company does not comply with the continued listing requirements after failing to file. Making it to the Top: Listing Requirements From Junior Explorer to Global Mining Company. Only a few companies ever meet the listing requirements of global stock exchanges, but the effort to list can be worth it. In 2019, Newmont produced 6.3 million ounces of gold and earned a net income of $2.9B and returned $1.4B to shareholders in dividends

nyse listing manager; Uncategorized; Oct 30 2020. nyse listing manager. Prime Impact Acquisition I Announces It Has Regained Compliance with NYSE Listing Requirements. NEW YORK, May 28, 2021- Prime Impact Acquisition I (NYSE: PIAI, the 'Company') announced today that it has regained compliance with Section 802.01E of the New York Stock Exchange ('NYSE') Listed Company Manual (the 'Rule') after filing its Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the quarter ended March 31. Press Release ALPS Clean Energy ETF And ALPS Disruptive Technologies ETF To Transfer Listing To NYSE Arca Published: March 8, 2021 at 4:30 p.m. E Any requirements for listing as specified in each Exchange's preexisting generic listing requirements that differ from the requirements of the respective new listing rule will no longer be applicable to a relying ETF. Thus, an index-based relying ETF, if it transitions to a new listing rule, will no longe

The AMEX is a smaller exchange than NYSE, and it has always been favored by smaller companies which cannot meet NYSE's strict listing and reporting requirements. The NYSE acquired AMEX in 2008, allowing investors to buy AMEX stocks alongside companies on the larger NYSE. Exchange-traded funds, mutual funds which are traded alongside stocks on. Trading is halted in an ETF due to the consideration of, among other factors: 1) the extent to which trading has ceased in the underlying security(s); 2) whether trading has been halted or suspended in the primary market(s) for any combination of underlying securities accounting for 20% or more of the applicable current index group value; 3) the presence of other unusual conditions or. NYSE American, formerly known as the American Stock Exchange (AMEX), and more recently as NYSE MKT, is an American stock exchange situated in New York City.AMEX was previously a mutual organization, owned by its members.Until 1953, it was known as the New York Curb Exchange.. NYSE Euronext acquired AMEX on October 1, 2008, with AMEX integrated with the Alternext European small-cap exchange and. CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - Nov. 1, 2017) - Pengrowth Energy Corporation ()() today announces that it has received formal notification from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) that it has regained compliance with its continued listing standards.On May 16, 2017, the Corporation received a non-compliance notice from the NYSE as a result of the 30 day average closing price of its shares. 21.05.2021 - Superior Industries International, Inc. (Superior or the Company) (NYSE:SUP), one of the world's leading light vehicle aluminum wheel suppliers for OEMs and the European.

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Cross-listing (or multi-listing, or interlisting) of shares is when a firm lists its equity shares on one or more foreign stock exchange in addition to its domestic exchange. To be cross-listed, a company must thus comply with the requirements of all the stock exchanges in which it is listed, such as filing Get the latest SPDR S&P Homebuilders ETF (XHB) real-time quote, historical performance, charts, and other financial information to help you make more informed trading and investment decisions

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NEW YORK, Sept. 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Aéropostale, Inc. , a mall-based specialty retailer of casual apparel for young women and men, today disclosed that on September 29, 2015, it... | May 23, 202 Express, Inc. (NYSE: EXPR) (the Company) announced today that the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has notified the Company that it is no longer in compliance with NYSE continued listing criteria, which require listed companies to maintain an average closing share price of at least $1.00 over a consecutive 30 trading-day period The TradePlus NYSE® FANG+™ Daily (2x) Leveraged Tracker (Fund) is a futures-based exchange-traded fund that is designed to provide investors a 2x leveraged exposure in the NYSE® FANG+™ Index, which consists of some of the largest global technology players. The Fund closely tracks the daily performance of the NYSE® FANG+™ Daily 2x Leveraged Index; in which units are tradeable on. Self-Regulatory Organizations; NYSE Arca, Inc.; Notice of Filing of Proposed Rule Change Relating to the Listing and Trading of Shares of the Franklin Liberty Intermediate Municipal Opportunities ETF and Franklin Liberty Municipal Bond ETF Under NYSE Arca Equities Rule 8.600, 20656-20664 [2017-08900

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All approved semi-transparent structures are available for listing at NYSE and our team of experts remainready to support your business: NYSE is Your Active ETF Partner Regulatory Filings Listing Process Pre-Launch Activities Sales & Distribution #1 in Active ETFs 194 ETFs 56 Sponsors $60.2 B AUM (6/30/2020) 148.9% 3 Year AUM CAGR Source. (July 30, 2018) - NYSE Arca Inc. is proposing changes to the investment criteria for the First Trust TCW Unconstrained Plus Bond ETF that would allow it to meet generic listing requirements, even though shares began trading last month Multi-Asset High Income Index -. ETF. Tracker. The NYSE Multi-Asset High Income Index tracks a diversified basket of up to 120 high dividend paying equity securities. The investment methodology includes minimum free float market capitalization, dividend yield and frequency, liquidity minimums, and asset class and sector weighting requirements ETFs - requirements and listing process. Article 2.2.35 of the Rules of the markets organised and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A. (following the Rules) defines the requirements for the. They vary by their listing requirements, market capitalisation, and number of listed companies, among other factors. So, unsurprisingly, there is definitely a difference in the risk and return that the LSE vs NYSE can provide your investment portfolio

The Exchange is building scale in ETF trading by developing indexes and ETFs, listing products and trading selected ETF products on the basis of unlisted trading privileges (UTP). NYSE indexes include the revised NYSE Composite Index as well as the NYSE U.S. 100, the NYSE International 100, the NYSE World Leaders and the NYSE TMT (technologymedia-telecom) indexes NYSE Group, Inc., Listing Exchange. NYSE Group is a subsidiary of Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE: Our network of custody professionals work to meet the specific requirements of each exchange-traded product. LLC specializes in ETF sub-advisory management,. nyse arca etf. Post author: Post published: October 22, 2020 Post category: Uncategorized Uncategorize

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The MVP ETF (MVP) is managed by the Roundhill team. The primary method of rebalancing will be quarterly, similar to the SUBZ ETF. MVP is actively managed and positions may be entered or exited intra-quarter as well. For updates on changes to the portfolio please follow us on Twitter The main reason that an ETF closes is that the fund is not attracting enough assets from investors. The fund might have a very narrow focus, or it may not be performing well. Whatever the reason, without sufficient assets the fund doesn't generate enough revenue for the sponsor. When an ETF closes, the process takes place under Securities and.

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Cross-listing is the listing of a company's common shares on a different exchange than its primary and original stock exchange. Companies must meet the exchange's listing requirements in order to. be a common stock or ETF, be actively listed on a supported exchange (NYSE, NASDAQ, TSX, TSX-V and NEO), be CDS eligible, have a 52-week high price that exceeds $0.50 (stocks only, excl. new issues like IPOs), have an average daily volume that exceeds 50,000 shares (stocks only, excl. new issues like IPOs) NYSE Arca was established in 2006 after the New York Stock Exchange acquired Archipelago Exchange, and it operates as a subsidiary of the NYSE Group Inc. ALPS Clean Energy ETF And ALPS Disruptive Technologies ETF To Transfer Listing To NYSE Arca

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The Rayliant Quantamental China Equity ETF is an active portfolio employing a systematic approach to harvesting behavioral alpha by exploiting mispricings among Chinese stocks traded in markets around the world. The strategy is localized to China, applying specialized data and models capturing features that make Chinese markets unique. the generic listing requirements for an index of fixed income securities underlying a series of Investment Company Units. One of the enumerated listing requirements is that component fixed income securities that, in the aggregate, account for at least 75% of the weight of the index eac NYSE wins back listing crown from Nasdaq after luring Spacs. The New York Stock Exchange is on track to steal back the crown for US stock market listings from its rival Nasdaq this year after. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has again rejected proposals to list a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF).. The US financial watchdog announced that the ETF filing, initially proposed by crypto investment platform Bitwise Asset Management in collaboration with the US all-electronic exchange NYSE Arca, did not meet the necessary requirements

The Exchange is submitting this proposed rule change because the Index for the Fund does not meet all of the ``generic'' listing requirements of Commentary .01(a)(A) to NYSE Arca Equities Rule 5.2(j)(3), applicable to the listing of Investment Company Units based upon an index of ``US Component Stocks.'' \10\ Specifically, Commentary .01(a)(A) to NYSE Arca Equities Rule 5.2(j)(3) sets forth. Lightspeed POS announces U.S. IPO and listing on NYSE. MONTREAL - Lightspeed POS Inc. says it will launch an initial public offering of its voting shares in the United States to help fund its growth strategies. The Montreal-based retail payment technology firm's shares will trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker LSPD, the same. Self-Regulatory Organizations; NYSE Arca, Inc.; Notice of Filing of Amendment No. 2 and Order Granting Accelerated Approval of a Proposed Rule Change, as Modified by Amendment No. 2, to Adopt NYSE Arca Rule 5.2-E(j)(8) Governing the Listing and Trading of Exchange-Traded Fund Shares April 13, 2020 As public exchanges, both NASDAQ and NYSE are under obligation to follow the requirements that have been put forth by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). There are a number of differences between the stock exchanges in terms of how they operate, the listing cost, types of stocks traded, etc Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, under NYSE Arca Rule 8.201-E, which governs the listing an On September 15, 2020, the SEC issued a notice (Notice) regarding the NYSE Arca, Inc.'s (Exchange) filing of a proposed generic listing rule for certain semi-transparent ETFs (ST ETFs). An ST ETF is an exchange-traded fund that discloses alternative forms of information about its underlying portfolio each day, such as a proxy portfolio of securities [

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